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About Farasanat Shomal Company


Our manufacturing technology focuses on the machining of a wide range of auto parts. State of the art machining equipment is used. Continuous improvement ideas are followed and implemented in all areas toward achieving the most cost effective production along with highest quality levels.


We are one the few automotive suppliers running such a complex production systems. Incase you require large volumes you can rely on our experience, too.


In its field, Fara Sanat Shomal company has extensive experience which is inevitably built in to each of its systems. The systematic reinvestment of the ideas discoveries of FSS also benefits by the resources and contributions from such as its association with the Mercedes Benz and Automobile Peugeot.


Committed to quality, FSS has organized its quality system consistant to inter nation OE part manufacturers standards. Quality system monitors all activities in the company including planning, inspection, calibration, purchase, vendors qualification, on time delivery and all other actions necessary to obtain 100% customer satisfaction.


Since the foundation of this company in 1996 we have been committed to creation and provision of the most cost effective (the best quality and functionality at the minimum cost) products and service to the Iranian car and truck manufacturers.


With its own research department, FSS creates and develops its projects in complete autonomy. Some projects are built for specific applications simply by the customers specifying the requirement and then entrusting the transformation from idea to machine to FSS engineering staff. Receptive to all problems and working in real partnership with its customers, FSS designs and builds ” a la carte” manufacturing units. It would be redundant to mention the absolute respect of trade secrets.